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Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Good to see the works requested at the Millbank carried out today after my recent request following on two serious falls at the site in recent months.

COMHAIRLE CONTAE FHINE GALL FINGAL COUNTY COUNCIL BALBRIGGAN/SWORDS AREA COMMITTEE MEETING [Services A – Operational Matters] Thursday, 11th October 2018 ITEM NO. 88 Millbank surrounding area Rush Motion: Councillor B. Dennehy “That the Chief Executive in cooperation with the OPW take measures to make safe and protect the area around the Millbank Old Mill at the Millbank, Rush in order to prevent further falls and injuries similar to those reported in the recent past.” Report: The Old Mill at Millbank Rush, which has been the location of a number of accidents involving local children, is an archaeological monument and a protected structure. Following a recent site inspection it is apparent that the grassed area surrounding the arch has reduced in height over the years thereby gradually increasing the distance from the top of the arch to the current ground level rendering it increasingly dangerous for unsupervised children who climb and run across the arch. It is proposed to infill the area under the arch with soil, which will reduce the risk of serious injury, subject to the agreement of the National Monument Service.


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