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After pursuing the project for some time it was great to see the badly needed crossing commence and the crossing will be complimented with two electronic VAS Signs as passed in the February 2018 Works Budget ( similar to the one on the Whitestown Road ) on either side of the station to bring further traffic calming measures to the area and access points to the train station.

COMHAIRLE CONTAE FHINE GALL FINGAL COUNTY COUNCIL BALBRIGGAN/SWORDS AREA COMMITTEE MEETING [Services A – Operational Matters] Thursday, 8th June, 2017 ITEM NO. 18 Pedestrian Crossing Rush/Lusk Train Station Question: B. Dennehy "To ask the Chief Executive examine the area around Rush / Lusk Train Station to assess the best area to locate a pedestrian crossing to facilitate a safe and protected road crossing for the large number of pedestrians exiting the trains station on route to either the bus stop opposite or accessing the pedestrian routes to Rush or Lusk?" Reply: A preliminary assessment was carried out on the R128 in the vicinity of the Rush Lusk Train Station. The R128 at this location has an 80km\h speed limit requiring 145m of forward visibility to the nearside primary signal or for a pedestrian stepping onto the pedestrian crossing. Due to the road geometry and existing bridge width over the rail line 2 separate crossings would be required to accommodate pedestrians from Rush and Lusk. On the Lusk side of the entrance to the train station the pedestrian crossing location would approximately coincide with the existing westbound bus stop. The construction of a pedestrian crossing at this location would require the relocation of the bus stop, the extension of the existing footpath, which would require land acquisition to construct. On the Rush side of the entrance to the train station the approximate location of the crossing would be 200m from the Rush side vehicular entrance to the train station. This would require the acquisition of a strip of land approximately 200m in length to accommodate the footpath from a pedestrian crossing to the train station entrance. There is presently no budget for the acquisition of land or the provision of pedestrian crossings at this location.


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